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Email Aliases

An alias is an alternate name for a POP3 Account. Aliases allow you to have multiple separate names that all deliver to the same underlying POP user account. The POP3 Account must be for the local domain.

Only administrators can add, modify and delete Aliases. Normally the administrative account is the "postmaster" account. Since the postmaster is responsible for managing all accounts in the domain, it cannot be be used a an alias name, however you can have other names that alias to the postmaster.

Creating Aliases
You can create aliases by clicking on the create Add New Alias button in the Aliases screen, or by using the fast link on the main menu.

To create the alias, first select the POP3 account that the alias is for and enter the alias name. To save the new alias, click on the Add button on the create alias screen.

Deleting Aliases
To delete an alias, you click on the delete button in the Aliases screen. If an alias is deleted, only the alias name is deleted. The underlying POP3 account will stay on the server and all email previously collected through the alias will still be there.

Modifying Aliases
To modify an alias, click on the Modify button in the Aliases screen.

The Modify Alias and Forwards screen allows you to change the POP3 User the alias is for, or add additional POP3 users or remote forwards to the alias name.

Note that you can use aliases to send mail to multiple accounts. Effectivily, this can serve as a simple mailing list. If you have multiple addressees for an alias, you can also delete them from the Modify Alias and Forwards screen.

  Pop Account: me
  Alias: myself

In this example, you would already have a real POP3 account named "me". Any mail sent to the alias "myself" will be placed in the inbox for the "me" account.

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