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POP3 Accounts

POP3 Accounts are full user accounts on the mail server. Each POP3 user has their own directory and can read and store email.

Only administrators can add, modify and delete POP3 user accounts. Normally the administrative account is the "postmaster" account. Since the postmaster is responsible for managing all accounts in the domain, it cannot be deleted or forwarded.

Creating Accounts
You can create users by clicking on the create POP user button in the POP3 accounts screen, or by using the fast link on the main menu.

New users require a username and password. You can also save the users reel name and include the user on any mailing lists when the account is created.

Deleting Accounts
To delete a POP3 user account, you click on the delete button in the POP3 Accounts screen. If a user is deleted, all stored email will be erased from the server.

Changing Passwords
To change a users password, click on the change password button in the POP3 Accounts screen. The passwords are not shown on this screen and you must enter the new password twice to ensure it is entered correctly.

Catch-All Account
The catch-all account is the account that bounced email is forwarded to. Email is bounced if it is addressed to an unknown account at the domain, or if there are other problems with the delivery.

By default, the postmaster is the catch-all account. You can change the catch-all by clicking on the catch-all button in the POP3 Accounts screen.

If you do not want a catch-all account, you can disable it by clicking on the "set no default catch all account" link at the bottom of the POP3 Accounts screen. If you choose to not have a catch-all account, all bounced email will be returned to the sender.

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